Climate-Controlled Storage Is Convenient To Use And Protects Your Belongings Well

23 June 2023
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If you need to put some of your household belongings in storage for several months due to downsizing or being between homes, you should consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. If your belongings will be in storage during very cold and dry months or hot and humid months, climate control could save your things from mildew, warping, and rust. This is what you should know. 

What Climate-Controlled Storage Means

Climate control keeps both humidity and temperature in a set range. That doesn't mean the temperature is constant. It will fluctuate, but it stays in a safe range for all kinds of belongings you would have in your house, such as electronics, appliances, wood furniture, fabrics, and documents.

If you have a concern about fragile clothing or paintings, ask the storage facility about the range for temperature and humidity so you can determine if your paintings and fragile items will be safe. However, if something is safe in your home environment, it will probably be safe in a climate-controlled storage facility.

What Could Happen Without Climate Control

Some things in your home don't necessarily need climate control, but many things do. Things that don't need it won't be harmed by getting a climate-controlled unit, so it's a good idea to rent one and keep everything together. If things that do need climate control don't have it for an extended time, they could be damaged.

Wood can warp and crack, metal items might rust, and electronics could be ruined. Dampness and condensation might cause your fabrics to grow mildew. If you know you have things that should be kept in climate control, it isn't worth the risk to put them in a regular unit due to the heat and humidity that build up inside the unit in the summer and the extreme temperatures inside the unit in the winter.

What Additional Benefits You Might Have

A climate-controlled storage unit is usually enclosed in a large building rather than in an individual outdoor unit. Because of that, your belongings have an extra layer of security being in a building that's locked down at night and monitored during the day. Plus, since your unit is indoors, pests and dust might be less of a problem.

There are several benefits to renting a climate-controlled storage unit, but the most important thing to know is your belongings have a greater chance of coming out of storage in the same excellent condition they went into the unit. You'll still be able to access your belongings with your own key during business hours, so climate-controlled storage is convenient and easy to use.

Contact a local climate-controlled storage company to learn more.