5 Tips For Getting Your Boat Ready For Seasonal Storage

4 October 2021
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The best place to store your boat isn't outside in your driveway, exposed to the elements, or sitting in the water, experiencing more wear and tear. The best place to store your boat is inside of a secure boat storage facility where it will be protected from the elements and in a secure and safe facility where access is limited.

Once you have a boat storage unit, you will want to take your time to prepare your boat for storage. A well-prepared boat will make it through its time in storage better and be more ready for the water when you get it out.

1. Clean All Gear

Take out all of the gear that you keep in your boat and clean it properly. Take off the cushions from the seats, and wash and dry them. Take your life jackets, put them through the washing machine, and allow them to dry correctly. Wipe down all of your electronics, water toys, and fishing gear. Everything that you use and store on your boat should be properly cleaned and dried. This will prevent molding and will ensure that your gear is ready to go when you hit the water again.

2. Deep Clean the Inside

After you take out and clean all of the gear, wash the inside of your boat. Use a pressure washing machine to quickly and effectively clean your boat. Be sure to open up all of the compartments and clean inside of them as well.

When cleaning with water, it is essential to allow time for everything to air dry. Use a towel to dry out all of the compartments.

3. Prepare the Outside

Next, you are going to want to prepare the outside of your boat. You are going to want to give the outside a good wash and scrubbing. Be sure to remove all salt built-up and marine life buildup. After that, you are going to want to wax and buff the outside as well. This will protect your boat from corrosion while it is in storage and ensure it looks shiny and new when you are ready to pull it out and use it again.

4. Flush the Cooling System

You will want to flush the cooling system to get rid of any grime, salt, and buildup inside the cooling system. Flushing it with fresh water will help ensure that it is in the best possible working condition when you are ready to use the boat again.

5. Take Care of the Fuel Tank

Before putting your boat into storage, top off the gas tank. Then, add a marine fuel stabilizer to the tank. This will prevent buildup during its time in storage. Run the engine for a couple of minutes so that the fuel stabilizer can spread out throughout the system.

6. Take Care of the Oil

Finally, you are going to want to take care of the oil as well. You will want to change to a fresh oil filter, even if your filter is on the newer side, and put fresh oil in it. This will help ensure that everything is properly oiled and that you don't have any contaminants in the oil, such as water, that could hurt your engine while it is in storage.

Once you find a boat storage facility, you need to take your time to prepare your boat for storage. Proper preparation will help protect your boat and ensure it will run nicely when you pull it out of seasonal storage and put it back in the water.