Three Ways You Can Help Your Self-Storage Facility With Its Environmental Efforts

Once you’ve located a green self-storage facility and become a regular customer, it’s time to go one step further and help further the green agenda. You can help the self-storage facility in their mission to save the world in a variety of ways. Here are three options that you can deploy to utilize your influence and potential in an environmentally friendly effort to make the most of an earth-friendly storage facility. 

1. Participate in all the green options available 

The first step is to investigate and make full use of all the services and green options your facility offers. In addition to using solar panels or sourcing some other type of green power, green self-storage facilities often facilitate these other types of earth-friendly choices: 

  • Donations. Your storage facility may include a donations drop-off room where you can place unwanted items. This is a quick and easy way to donate items for re-use without even making an extra stop on the way home. Ask for information about where the items are donated to; it’s probably a local charity or thrift shop. 
  • Recycled and re-used boxes. The business may allow you to drop off cardboard boxes once you’re done with them so that the next storage customer can use them. Or they may opt for plastic storage containers, which can be re-used even more often.
  • Alternative packing materials. The facility may offer brown paper or some other eco-friendly packing material, or may offer educational literature on what types of materials you can use for packaging as an alternative to single-use packing peanuts and other resource-sucking products.

2. Select the right size and type of unit

Two types of units that are often available are traditional storage units (non-climate-controlled) and climate-controlled units. The difference between the two is that climate-controlled units have a more strictly monitored temperature and the humidity is kept lower. That doesn’t mean that traditional storage units aren’t heated and air-conditioned, though. It just means that they aren’t always kept at a comfortable room temperature because they have a wider range of acceptable temperatures. If your storage items can handle this wider range of temperatures, you should opt for the non-climate-controlled storage because it uses less energy to maintain. And be sure to get the size of unit that is closest to the actual amount of storage space you need. Renting lots of unused, unnecessary space is bad for the environment and bad for your budget too.

3. Advocate for green practices with friends and other customers

If you’ve been lucky enough to find a truly earth-friendly self-storage, don’t keep it to yourself. Be sure all your friends know about it, so that when they need to store things they can take advantage of it as well instead of going to a less sustainable facility. And be sure to offer your boxes to other customers when you’re done with them, and share any tips you have about earth-friendly packing and storage to encourage more responsible self-storage experiences like your own. 

Use these three tips to influence the world for good by being eco-friendly in your storage habits and encouraging others to do the same. Your green self-storage facility will be grateful for your support and the Earth will be grateful for your care.

Contact a local facility, such as Gray Storage Solutions, for further assistance.

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2 Tips For Keeping Your Sports Car In Great Shape While In Winter Storage

If you have a sports car that you love to drive around as your summer “toy,” then it is a good idea to keep it off the slushy, snow- and salt-covered roads during the winter. Keeping it away from the salty roads in the winter cannot only help you keep its paint-job shiny with little maintenance, but it can also help protect the entire undercarriage of your vehicle from wear and damage this salt can cause. You can’t just take it right from the road and into storage, though, so here are some tips for preparing your sports car for winter storage and making sure it stays in great shape all winter. 

1. Preparing Your Sports Car for Storage Properly recommends first cleaning your car thoroughly before storing it. You don’t want to clean your vehicle just to have it become dirty during the drive to the storage facility, so be sure to either get it into storage before the roads become bad or, if the storage facility has a car-wash station on its premises, use this station to ensure your car is clean before you store it. 

Along with cleaning the exterior thoroughly, have the interior detailed. Since many vehicle-detailing companies will steam-clean your carpets, be sure to have the interior cleaned a few days before you put your car in storage to allow any moisture left-over from the service to evaporate. Placing your car in storage with a damp interior can lead to a musty smell later or even mildew accumulation, and that is the last thing you need to deal with come spring-time. 

Also, inflate your tires to the maximum pressure allowed and fill your gas tank to just below completely full. Then, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to protect your fuel lines and engine from corrosion. Once your vehicle is in storage, cover it with a car-cover, so when springtime arrives, your car will be just as clean and shiny as when you placed it in storage. 

2. Store It in the Right Place

While you may think storing your car in your garage is a good idea, the truth is that the garage is really not the best place to store a vehicle you likely invested a lot of cash in. Unless your garage is climate-controlled to keep it not only warm, but also moisture-free, then it is best to store your sports car in a climate-controlled vehicle storage facility, such as Ship Creek Storage

When storing your sports car in a multiple-car garage, you will also be pulling your winter vehicle in-and-out of it frequently. This can lead to the salt-filled slush and sludge that your winter car picks up while on the road splashing onto your sports car. Also, this frequent opening of the garage door will make any climate-control system in place (like a garage heater) practically useless when the opening of the door is frequently letting in the cold, moist air. 

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Big Shopper: Uncluttering Your House With A Storage Unit Rental

Do you have a bad habit of buying products that you don’t need that’s beginning to make the inside of your house look cluttered? Shopping can be hard to stop doing, but you can keep your home neater if you keep unused products inside of a storage unit. In this article, learn why a storage rental is the perfect solution to clearing out your cluttered home when you don’t want to slow down on shopping.

Why is a Storage Rental Good for a Big Shopper?

Besides offering you a place away from your house to keep products, a storage unit rental will give you a chance to practice becoming more organized. You can put shelving units in your storage a space instead of placing everything in piles on the floor. You may even want to adapt to the habit of labeling each shelf for certain products. By keeping your storage space organized, it will allow you to get the most use out of the space in your unit. Organizing the storage unit can also come in handy if ever you want to assess specific products without spending a lot of time searching for them.

A storage unit rental is also a good solution to keeping your products in a good condition to make sure the money spent on them doesn’t go to waste. Keeping the products in your house can lead to them being exposed to temperatures that lead to damage. For instance, if your home is consistently humid inside, it can damage products that are constructed out of wood or paper (posters, photographs). You have the option of controlling humidity in your storage unit by getting one that is climate controlled. A climate controlled unit will cost a little extra money per month, but it is a worthy investment for protecting your products.     

What Kind of Fees are Charged for a Storage Unit Rental?

You will be charged a monthly rental fee that is based on the size and type of storage unit that you opt for renting. There will be an additional fee added to your monthly total if you get insurance coverage for your storage unit. A small 5×5 foot storage unit might cost up to $50 monthly, while a large 10×20 foot unit that is climate controlled can run up to $180 monthly. Keep shopping as much as you want without creating clutter by putting items inside of a storage unit rental (click here for more information)! 

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Expecting A Baby? Clever Ways To Get More Storage At Home

A lack of space at home is a common issue new parents have when they are preparing for the arrival of a baby, regardless of whether it is their first child or not. If you are struggling with figuring out how to get more space for storage at home, consider the following ideas for getting the maximum storage space without renting a storage unit or getting rid of anything important.

Try Multi-Purpose Furniture for Added Space

For hidden storage, consider finding more space in some of the items you already have throughout your home. For example, consider getting an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table since you can use the inside for storing anything from toys to blankets.

Use Every Inch of Free Space for Convenient Storage

Taking a walk around your home with a notepad on hand can be so helpful if you are concerned about getting the most storage space out of your home. Looking up can help tremendously in getting more storage space since it is the perfect place to install shelves that can hold baskets and keep your items out-of-the-way and organized.

Instead of leaving large spaces in your home unoccupied over fear of it becoming cluttered, consider new ways to get storage space in these areas while keeping your items out of sight.

Get Creative with Storage in Unexpected Spaces

At around $2200 for a professional installation, you can get a lot of storage space by getting shelving put in underneath your staircase. Getting creative and looking at some spaces in your home with a new angle can make all the difference in maximizing storage space without making your home feel cluttered.

Put a Shed in the Backyard for Out-of-the-Way Storage

If you are stretched thin on space and are not interested in any major renovations or remodeling inside your home, consider your backyard for more storage space. A shed can easily be installed outdoors and provide a secure space for storing boxes, furniture, and other belongings without any trouble.

This will help keep your home tidy and ensures that you have the extra storage you need with the arrival of a new baby.

Getting your home organized means finding free space for your items to be stored neatly. Along with some of the above ideas, look into whether renting a self-storage unit might be ideal for your storage needs since you can get access to more space at a reasonable price.

For more information, visit sites like

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Self Storage Is Extremely Helpful When Two Households Merge Into One

If you are getting married soon and will be combining two households into one, you might run into some problems. The main problem is clutter. If you and your soon-to-be spouse both have a lot of things, you may both need to downsize in order to live in a clutter-free house together. Renting a storage unit could be a wise decision for this type of situation for several reasons.

You will not have to rush

When two people move in together, it may literally require cutting each person’s things in half. If you are moving into your partner’s house, you may want him or her to get rid of some things before you move in, but there might not be time for this.

Instead of rushing through it and making a mess of things, you could simply move most of your things into a storage unit. You could take your clothes and necessities to your new home, but you could leave the rest packed away.

By doing this, you could have time to work together with your partner to sort through the things in the home. You could decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and this will help you know what things you can bring that you own. The best part is that you can do this little by little.

It offers a place to store the things you do not need

As you begin going through your partner’s things, you could make a plan to move the unwanted things to the storage unit. When you do this, you could grab the things you decided to put in the house.

If you already have a storage unit, this task will be a lot easier to accomplish. When things are all said and done, you may still end up with a storage unit that is full, but at least your house will not be a cluttered mess.

Eventually, you could decide to sort out the things in your unit, and you might be able to host a big garage sale with them. This would be a great way to make some extra money and get rid of things you really do not need.

When two households join together and merge into one, there can be a lot of extra things. Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution for this, especially because they usually do not require long-term leases. To learn more, contact a storage unit facility like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.

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Exciting Technological Advancements In Warehouse Storage

Whether you are a self-storage customer, a business owner, or simply someone with an interest in the storage industry, the idea of technological advancement is likely of interest to you. Over the years, there have been numerous advancements that benefit both customers as well as owners, and more continue to be introduced. Here is an overview of some of the most helpful recent advancements:

The use of automation

Automation in homes enables homeowners to control the temperature, operate appliances, and more, whether they’re doing so from work, while on vacation, or while at some other location. As long as access to the internet is possible, then full control is possible. This same technology has now become available within the warehouse storage industry. Automation allows customers to rent storage units on demand, and through the use of special apps, the items in storage can be obtained at anytime. The app will make a full online inventory of everything in storage available, which makes it convenient to choose which items to remove from storage. Customers never have to travel to the warehouse, as pickup and delivery service is included. This service was introduced in India and is not yet available in the United States, but it is expected to debut some time in the future.

Some storage warehouse companies are utilizing robots to assist customers with placing their items in storage. This prevents the need for customers to handle their items and contend with organizing them in the units. These robots are also programmed to retrieve items, as well, which is another benefit. Not only does the use of robots provide a convenience to customers and storage unit owners, but security is increased, since customers will not be required to access the storage area.

Advanced identification methods

In the past, self-storage warehouse customers were often required to enter a code onto a keypad in order to enter a storage area, and of course locks with keys were necessary to secure individual units. However, some of the more high-class self-storage companies are using biometrics as a new means of security. Biometrics includes the use of retinal scanning and fingerprinting to identify storage customers, although retinal scanning has been shown to be more dependable.

Warehouse storage units can offer a great convenience to people looking for a low-cost way to store important items. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve a self-storage warehouse that you own, or you’re simply looking for warehouses that have innovative new security measures, the technological advancements that have been introduced so far could benefit you and others in a number of ways. For more information, contact local storage facilities like Liberty Self Storage

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Three Tips For Wrapping A Lawn Mower In A Tarp In Prep For Long-Term Storage

Since a lawn mower has so many parts that bugs can get into, you should take measures to protect it before you toss it into a long-term self-storage unit. But while wrapping a tarp over some household equipment like cabinets is relatively easy because of their simple shapes, the complicated structure of most residential lawn mowers will make your task particularly difficult. So before you wrap a lawn mower in a tarp in preparation for long-term storage, read these three tips.

Ignore The Metal Handle And Focus On The Lawn Mower’s Body

Remember that preventing bugs from infiltrating your lawn mower is the main reason for wrapping it in a tarp. While the lawn mower’s body has a lot of stuff that can easily be accessed by bugs, this isn’t usually the case for the metal handle.

Leave the bulk of the handle uncovered and use duct tape to give the tarp a good seal around the handle’s metal base. It’s better to apply duct tape around the handle’s metal base instead of the lawn mower’s body so that the tape can have a good grip on something.

Use A Nylon Cord Or Rope To Wrap The Tarp Extra Tight Around The Wheels

It won’t matter how well the tarp covers your lawn mower’s motor if bugs can sneak in via the wheels. Therefore, to make the tarp fit as tight as possible around the entirety of the wheels, wrap a nylon cord or rope around the metal axle connecting the wheels and the body.

When you’re pulling the wheels off the ground to slide the tarp under them, move carefully so that you don’t accidentally tear the tarp. It’s also important to leave enough slack in the tarp to prevent it from tearing as you’re tightening it up with the cord or rope.

Clear As Much Dust Off The Motor As You Can Before Starting

The longer you’re planning on storing your lawn mower, the bigger the threat that dust poses to the motor. A tarp that’s tightly fitted around your lawn mower will trap all the dust that you fail to clean off of the body and encourage it to fall into any open slits that it can.

As long as both the tarp and the lawn mower’s body are clean, you shouldn’t have to put any other material over the motor to protect it. When you’re cleaning dust off the area around the motor, make sure that you stick a dust cloth into any open slits that you can see and shake it around.

For more information about how to properly store an item, contact a professional like those at National Self Storage – Denver.

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Keeping Your Storage Unit Free Of Moisture

If you are going to be renting a storage unit to house your belongings, you will want to take steps to make sure the space is dry inside. Moisture can cause mold, mildew and rust to occur on belongings, possibly ruining them as a result. Here are some steps you can take when placing your items inside a storage unit so they are not at risk of becoming wet and how you can keep your unit’s atmosphere at a minimal moisture level.

Preparing The Unit

Before you put anything in your storage unit, do a test to see if the seal around the door is adequately keeping moisture from getting inside. Bring along a bottle of water and pour it out in front of the storage unit when the door is shut. Place it as close to the seal as possible. Open the door and see if there is a path of water that had gotten inside or if it is pooled up in front of the unit. If water had made its way inside, ask to rent a different unit.

Most storage units will have a concrete floor. Items placed directly on concrete are more prone at becoming damaged if humidity levels rise within the unit. Place some pallets in your unit to raise vulnerable items made from wood or paper. Avoid cardboard boxes altogether and opt for plastic storage bins instead. 

To lower humidity levels inside a storage unit, place a few bowls full of charcoal briquettes inside. Put one in each corner and a few on top of shelves to help keep moisture at bay. Charcoal will naturally trap moisture. Cat litter and cedar are two other options that will draw moisture out of the air. Some people opt for wood blocks of cedar as they minimize moisture and leave a pleasing scent.

Preparing Your Belongings

When you get your belongings ready for storage, you will want to make sure they are all completely dry before putting them inside. Even a bit of moisture can lead to elevated humidity levels within an enclosed space.  If you are storing any water equipment such as fishing poles, life vests, or scuba gear, leave them out in the sun for several hours before placing them in your unit so any moisture will evaporate. Dry any clothing you will be storing for several minutes on high temperature before folding and putting in an air-tight bin. 

When storing furniture, avoid using plastic to wrap the pieces, as any moisture that may become trapped between the plastic and the wood will cause worse damage than if the wood pieces were left out without a covering. Instead of plastic, use furniture covers. 

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Tips For Maximizing The Space In Your Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is an excellent way to get control of the clutter around your house. You can store seasonal items or extra belongings until you move into a home big enough to hold them all. Since the cost of self storage units gets more expensive as the units get bigger, you want to maximize the space and squeeze as much into it as possible. Here are a few tips that will help.

Buy Totes And Boxes Of The Same Size

Invest in plastic tote boxes if you can, because they are sturdy and stack well no matter how full they are inside. Otherwise, you can buy cardboard boxes. Just make sure they are the same size and fill the boxes completely full, even if you have to stuff clothes or paper in them to top them off. This keeps the tops of the boxes from collapsing inward when you stack them. When all your totes and boxes are the same dimensions, you can stack them all the way to the ceiling and not have to worry about them tumbling down.

Consider Using Shelves And Trash Cans

Some items won’t fit well inside a box. They may be too heavy or have an odd shape. They may also be too fragile to risk stacking them. That’s where shelves and trash cans come in handy. Place a set of sturdy shelves against one wall to hold things such as lamps and televisions. You can even use the shelves to hold boxes you’ll need to access frequently since they’ll be easier to get to if they aren’t buried under a stack of other boxes. Big trash cans can be used to hold things like mops, brooms, curtain rods, shovels, rakes, and a grass trimmer.

Dismantle Furniture Or Use It For Storage

Break down furniture as much as possible, so it takes up less space. For instance, you can unscrew table legs. That way the table will rest flat against a wall and the legs can be stored in the trash can. You can break down beds, futons, side tables, shelving units, and maybe even your recliner and couch, depending on how they’re made. Some things won’t come apart such as appliances and dressers. You can use them for storage instead. Dresser drawers are good for holding fragile items since they are generally sturdy. The space inside a washer, dryer, oven, and refrigerator can be used to hold small items or soft things like pillows and comforters.

If you’re certain you’ll never need to get in your storage boxes until the day you take everything out, then you can pack the unit full. Stack boxes from the ground to ceiling starting at the back and sides. Leave the middle and front for items with an odd shape that won’t stack well. If there’s a chance you’ll need to access your belongings while they are in storage, then create access aisles among the boxes or you’ll have to pull everything out of the unit to get to the boxes in back. Good organization will go a long way towards helping you maximize the space in your storage unit while keeping your possessions accessible. If you find you need a bigger storage unit, contact a professional storage company, like North Star Mini Storage, to ask about the different storage unit sizes they have available. 

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Five Packing Tips That Will Make Unpacking Your Storage Container Easier

When you’re packing items away in a storage container, the day when you’ll unpack them can seem so far in the future. As a result, you may be tempted to just pack things quickly and sloppily, thinking you’ll take the time to sort them out at that distant time in the future when you unpack. This is a mistake. You have no idea what else will be going on in your life when you need to unpack, and how much time you’ll have to deal with the ordeal. It’s much wiser to follow these packing tips, which make unpacking easier.

Wrap your cords up right with toilet paper tubes.

Don’t just shove appliances in boxes and pile the cords in around them. They’ll become a jumbled mess. Instead, pass each cord through a used toilet paper tube several times. This will keep the cord neat and provide a convenient use for all those toilet paper tubes you have hanging around.

Clean up your makeup brushes, cosmetic bottles, and the like.

If you’re putting toiletries into storage, make sure they’re clean first. That gunk, powder, and dust on the outsides of bottles and accessories will just get more caked-on as it sits. Wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe, and let them air dry before packing them up.

Organize your books by type.

Don’t just empty your bookshelves mindlessly into boxes, or you may find yourself searching through three boxes of novels to find that one textbook you need for work. Divide your books into boxes based on type, and label the boxes clearly.

Organize your clothing by season.

You probably won’t want to unpack everything all at once. Being able to open just the clothes you need for that season and leave everything else in boxes for a while longer will be hugely convenient. Divide your clothing into piles based on season, and then pack each pile into its own tote (or set of totes).

Wash all of your linens and towels with vinegar before storing them.

Many people skip washing their linens before packing because assume they’ll want to wash these items again when they come out of storage, anyways. However, if your sheets, towels, and other cloth items are not clean when they enter storage, they may end up breeding bacteria and fungi, making them so smelly when they come out of storage that you won’t want to use them again. Add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine when washing your items; this will help reduce odors even further, so your linens and towels will emerge smelling amazing after their time in storage.

Packing a storage unit properly takes some time, but if you put in the time now, you will save it later when you unpack. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be off to an organized, well-planned, start. For more information on storage containers and moving, contact a professional like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental.

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