4 Things To Do Before Putting Your Books In A Self-Storage Facility

8 June 2022
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Books are one of the items people will put in self-storage facilities. This is because it is as simple as finding a safe facility with climate control, and you can enjoy storing your valuables in it for years. That said, books are a little more vulnerable than other items, and you must consider how you prepare them for the storage process if you want them to remain safe. Here are the top four things to consider before putting your books inside a self-storage unit. 

Inspect for Food and Liquid Damage

The first thing you should do is assess your books and ensure they do not have any liquid or food damage. A small spill in a page of your book can lead to a host of issues for the entire stack. For example, if one of the books had a juice spill and you store it while wet, the problem could deteriorate into mold damage, which will affect the rest of the books and leave you with a massive loss. 

Wrap Every Book Separately

One hack that can give you the ideal outcome during storage is taking each book and wrapping it separately. This protects them from getting damaged by dust and humidity, especially if it is not climate controlled. Wrapping also ensures that the books don't fold on the corners or sustain other damages. You can use simple wrapping materials like paper towels for the process. If you have the budget for it, you should consider getting special wrapping paper for the books. 

Put them in a Storage Container

Another simple hack that will help you store your books in perfect condition is putting them in a storage container. Choose an air-tight space, and once you lock it, you can rest easy knowing they will stay in the unit without incurring moisture or dust. 

Use Vertical Storage

The other hack that will help you is storing the books vertically. This storage angle is the perfect way to save space in the storage facility. If you stack the books, it also makes retrieval simple. Remember not to jam too many books into a small space as it might make the spines warp.

Storing books is easy when you have the ideal packaging material and storage facility. Speak to trusted and reliable storage unit services and choose the perfect unit for your books and other paper valuables. Remember, you can only retrieve your books in excellent condition if you store them properly.