Fitness Gear Storage Tips

22 July 2016
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No matter how committed you are to your fitness goals, the time may come when you need to store some of your exercise equipment. This could simply be to free up space short-term, or for longer term storage if you are in the middle of a move or temporarily downsizing. The following tips can help ensure that your equipment survives storage in one piece.

Tip #1: Wipe down everything

It's no secret that you build up a sweat when you work out. The salts left behind from this sweat can attract pests, like insects or rodents, to your storage unit. It can also damage the equipment over time, leading to corrosion on metal parts or degradation of rubber grips. It only takes a few minutes to wipe down everything with a damp towel and then dry it afterward, but this simple task improves your chances of successful storage.

Tip #2: Lubricate moving parts

Some equipment, like all-in-one gyms or some cardio machines, have moving parts that need to be lubricated. Generally, any type of general household lubricant will work well. Simply put a small amount where the parts move or along the weight posts, and then move the part back and forth several times so that it works its way in. If you aren't sure where to lubricate, look in the owners manual. Most have lubrication points marked out on a diagram.

Tip #3: Remove any batteries

Some equipment has batteries in it, such as in timers or step trackers. These can corrode and burst, ruining the inner electronics. Always remove the batteries before storage and replace with new ones once you are ready to get the item out of storage.

Tip #4: Use racks

If you will be storing free weights, then take the time to invest in a weight rack. This will keep your weights off the ground so they are less likely to rust or otherwise become damaged. For free weights that are encased in plastic or rubber, a rack also minimizes the chances of the plastic or rubber developing a split.

Tip #5: Cover everything

Most fitness equipment isn't well-suited to boxes. Instead, drape a breathable sheet or blanket over weight racks, cardio machines, and similar awkwardly shaped items. This keeps dust and dirt off the items while still allowing air circulation, which cuts down on moisture problems. For items that can be boxed, like exercise bands, pack them loosely in a plastic tub so they are fully protected during storage.

For more ideas on storing your equipment, contact a self-storage company in your area.

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