Need A Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Make Charitable Donations To Minimize The Size You Need

28 June 2016
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Homes can hold a large number of items, but at some point it becomes unnecessary clutter. It is fine to own lots of possessions, but letting it make your home look dirty is something you want to avoid. Adding an extra room to your home or building a storage shed can cost a lot of money, so an easy alternative is renting a storage unit in the size that you need to safely secure your things. Before picking a unit, you should consider how you can combine charitable donations and saving money on a storage unit rental.


It is tempting to keep your electronics, but more often than not, the ones you put into storage are not likely to get much use, if any at all throughout the years. Electronics are always advancing, so just about everything you could store will have superior versions out in the near future. Sitting in a storage unit will only lead to reduced value and a greater chance of becoming completely obsolete. Donating or recycling these electronics instead of putting them into storage helps the environment and the community.


Knowing what to do with toys is not easy. For instance, you may several dirty or stained toys that you intend on cleaning in the future. But, this is when you should consider donating them. Whether it is a charity or recipient's doing, they can clean the toys and get them ready for kids to start enjoying. You may also have some unopened toys that you or your kids never managed to open. This is an excellent opportunity to take them to toy drives that typically start in November to get toys to kids in need.


Keeping antique furniture is understandable, especially if you want to pass pieces down to your kids. But, you may also be keeping some furniture due to the possibility of it getting used in the future. If your home is already stocked up on furniture, you should just donate the rest as it only entices you to clutter the area. It might seem daunting to donate furniture, especially when you do not have reliable transportation, but there are a number of places that will come to your house and pick it up for you. This saves you the trouble of lifting heavy furniture into a vehicle, which can keep you from overworking your back.

Donating some things before getting a storage unit helps you minimize costs and do a good deed. Contact a business, such as J C Self Storage, for more information.