3 Ways To Protect Your Storage Unit From Pests

6 April 2016
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A big issue when you use storage units is pests; pests can completely ruin some or all of the possessions you may have stored away. It's very important to take precautions when you store things to ensure this doesn't happen to you. There are a few things that you can do when moving things into storage to help protect your items from pests.

Pack Away Items Properly

First off make sure to pack your valuables in protective bins or bags to seal out any unwanted invaders. Plastic container and bags can be bought anywhere and relatively inexpensive and can save you hundreds in the long run. This is the first barrier of defense and not only helps you store things better, but prevents the buildup of moisture and adds a layer of protection from bugs and insects that may cruise by. Make sure all the items are sealed tightly to prevent anything from squeezing into your containers.

Don't Store Food

Secondly never ever pack food or perishable items in your storage unit. This seems like a no-brainer, but is a very common reason that a storage unit may become infested. Storing food in a storage unit is basically like putting up a big sign telling invaders that there is a free dinner here and to come on over. The basic rule is simply to never store food in a storage unit, it will attract unwanted guests.

Check For Nests Before You Store

Finally be very careful to not bring in these pest yourself while you move things to the storage unit. Make sure you inspect and clean all the items you plan on storing before you bring them over. A common reason people have an invasion of pest is that they fail to clean out old furniture or old boxes that may contain the very stowaways that will soon infest their entire storage unit. When preparing to store things in a storage unit just remember to clean everything beforehand, pack things tightly and never store things that may attract unwanted pests.

If you follow these few tips when you are putting items into storage, then you should be able to prevent pests from taking over your storage unit. Check your storage unit a few times a year to ensure that it hasn't attracted pests, and if you notice a problem with pests you should try to figure out where they are coming from and what is attracting them. For more information, contact a company like A Big A Self Storage