2 Tips For Keeping Your Sports Car In Great Shape While In Winter Storage

18 December 2015
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If you have a sports car that you love to drive around as your summer "toy," then it is a good idea to keep it off the slushy, snow- and salt-covered roads during the winter. Keeping it away from the salty roads in the winter cannot only help you keep its paint-job shiny with little maintenance, but it can also help protect the entire undercarriage of your vehicle from wear and damage this salt can cause. You can't just take it right from the road and into storage, though, so here are some tips for preparing your sports car for winter storage and making sure it stays in great shape all winter. 

1. Preparing Your Sports Car for Storage Properly

Cars.com recommends first cleaning your car thoroughly before storing it. You don't want to clean your vehicle just to have it become dirty during the drive to the storage facility, so be sure to either get it into storage before the roads become bad or, if the storage facility has a car-wash station on its premises, use this station to ensure your car is clean before you store it. 

Along with cleaning the exterior thoroughly, have the interior detailed. Since many vehicle-detailing companies will steam-clean your carpets, be sure to have the interior cleaned a few days before you put your car in storage to allow any moisture left-over from the service to evaporate. Placing your car in storage with a damp interior can lead to a musty smell later or even mildew accumulation, and that is the last thing you need to deal with come spring-time. 

Also, inflate your tires to the maximum pressure allowed and fill your gas tank to just below completely full. Then, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to protect your fuel lines and engine from corrosion. Once your vehicle is in storage, cover it with a car-cover, so when springtime arrives, your car will be just as clean and shiny as when you placed it in storage. 

2. Store It in the Right Place

While you may think storing your car in your garage is a good idea, the truth is that the garage is really not the best place to store a vehicle you likely invested a lot of cash in. Unless your garage is climate-controlled to keep it not only warm, but also moisture-free, then it is best to store your sports car in a climate-controlled vehicle storage facility, such as Ship Creek Storage

When storing your sports car in a multiple-car garage, you will also be pulling your winter vehicle in-and-out of it frequently. This can lead to the salt-filled slush and sludge that your winter car picks up while on the road splashing onto your sports car. Also, this frequent opening of the garage door will make any climate-control system in place (like a garage heater) practically useless when the opening of the door is frequently letting in the cold, moist air.