Expecting A Baby? Clever Ways To Get More Storage At Home

22 September 2015
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A lack of space at home is a common issue new parents have when they are preparing for the arrival of a baby, regardless of whether it is their first child or not. If you are struggling with figuring out how to get more space for storage at home, consider the following ideas for getting the maximum storage space without renting a storage unit or getting rid of anything important.

Try Multi-Purpose Furniture for Added Space

For hidden storage, consider finding more space in some of the items you already have throughout your home. For example, consider getting an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table since you can use the inside for storing anything from toys to blankets.

Use Every Inch of Free Space for Convenient Storage

Taking a walk around your home with a notepad on hand can be so helpful if you are concerned about getting the most storage space out of your home. Looking up can help tremendously in getting more storage space since it is the perfect place to install shelves that can hold baskets and keep your items out-of-the-way and organized.

Instead of leaving large spaces in your home unoccupied over fear of it becoming cluttered, consider new ways to get storage space in these areas while keeping your items out of sight.

Get Creative with Storage in Unexpected Spaces

At around $2200 for a professional installation, you can get a lot of storage space by getting shelving put in underneath your staircase. Getting creative and looking at some spaces in your home with a new angle can make all the difference in maximizing storage space without making your home feel cluttered.

Put a Shed in the Backyard for Out-of-the-Way Storage

If you are stretched thin on space and are not interested in any major renovations or remodeling inside your home, consider your backyard for more storage space. A shed can easily be installed outdoors and provide a secure space for storing boxes, furniture, and other belongings without any trouble.

This will help keep your home tidy and ensures that you have the extra storage you need with the arrival of a new baby.

Getting your home organized means finding free space for your items to be stored neatly. Along with some of the above ideas, look into whether renting a self-storage unit might be ideal for your storage needs since you can get access to more space at a reasonable price.

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