Five Packing Tips That Will Make Unpacking Your Storage Container Easier

22 June 2015
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When you're packing items away in a storage container, the day when you'll unpack them can seem so far in the future. As a result, you may be tempted to just pack things quickly and sloppily, thinking you'll take the time to sort them out at that distant time in the future when you unpack. This is a mistake. You have no idea what else will be going on in your life when you need to unpack, and how much time you'll have to deal with the ordeal. It's much wiser to follow these packing tips, which make unpacking easier.

Wrap your cords up right with toilet paper tubes.

Don't just shove appliances in boxes and pile the cords in around them. They'll become a jumbled mess. Instead, pass each cord through a used toilet paper tube several times. This will keep the cord neat and provide a convenient use for all those toilet paper tubes you have hanging around.

Clean up your makeup brushes, cosmetic bottles, and the like.

If you're putting toiletries into storage, make sure they're clean first. That gunk, powder, and dust on the outsides of bottles and accessories will just get more caked-on as it sits. Wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe, and let them air dry before packing them up.

Organize your books by type.

Don't just empty your bookshelves mindlessly into boxes, or you may find yourself searching through three boxes of novels to find that one textbook you need for work. Divide your books into boxes based on type, and label the boxes clearly.

Organize your clothing by season.

You probably won't want to unpack everything all at once. Being able to open just the clothes you need for that season and leave everything else in boxes for a while longer will be hugely convenient. Divide your clothing into piles based on season, and then pack each pile into its own tote (or set of totes).

Wash all of your linens and towels with vinegar before storing them.

Many people skip washing their linens before packing because assume they'll want to wash these items again when they come out of storage, anyways. However, if your sheets, towels, and other cloth items are not clean when they enter storage, they may end up breeding bacteria and fungi, making them so smelly when they come out of storage that you won't want to use them again. Add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine when washing your items; this will help reduce odors even further, so your linens and towels will emerge smelling amazing after their time in storage.

Packing a storage unit properly takes some time, but if you put in the time now, you will save it later when you unpack. Follow the tips above, and you'll be off to an organized, well-planned, start. For more information on storage containers and moving, contact a professional like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental.