Long-Term Storage Solutions: Climate Controlled Self Storage Units Protect Your Belongings

15 June 2015
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If you need to store your items in a self-storage unit in an area of the country that experiences extreme temperature swings, then a climate controlled storage unit will help to prevent damage to your belongings. Many household and collectable items can be damaged from being continually exposed to excessive heating and cooling during the summer and winter seasons. By placing your items into a storage unit that is climate controlled, you can prevent damage to your family heirlooms from the outside temperatures.

Stored Items Damaged by Temperature Fluctuation

Many commonly stored items are vulnerable to damage by temperature fluctuations. Some of these items are:

  • artwork
  • audio-visual media
  • electronics
  • family heirlooms
  • leather items
  • musical instruments
  • photographs

In addition, wood furniture does not have a lot of tolerance for continually being subjected to cold and hot temperatures. Hot weather causes the wood to dry out, and the cold weather adds the moisture back into the wood. This cycle causes wood to crack and split. Climate control keeps the temperatures steady enough to avoid these problems.

Storage Problems Caused by Excessively Hot Temperatures

There are many issues caused by excessively hot temperatures in your storage unit. Some of these issues are:

  • discoloration of paperwork
  • fading of photographs
  • warped plastics and metals

Fabrics subjected to excessively hot temperatures can yellow and start to suffer from their fibers being broken down. This can easily ruin your favorite couch or your best suits.

Storage Problems Caused by Excessively Cold Temperatures

There are many problems that are caused by excessively cold temperatures. Some of the most common include:

  • failure of electrical components
  • warping of metals
  • warping of woods

In addition, gas-powered machinery such as chainsaws, have a hard time starting if they become too cold. This is a problem if you need to often remove items from your storage unit to use on projects.

Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage Units

In addition to all of the information above, there is also some other valuable advantages of renting a climate controlled storage unit, such as:

  • less dust
  • less dirt
  • more privacy

In addition, there are generally no problems with pests in climate controlled storage units because they tend to be interior units that don't have doors that open to the outside.


By understanding the effects of heat and cold on your valuable items, you can choose a storage unit that will best protect your belongings. For more information, contact Capitol City Storage or a similar company.